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    How Does the NCLEX Work?

    The NCLEX is so unique in that the computer software adjusts the difficulty level of the questions to measure your knowledge and competence. This method is call but Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). The computer assigns questions with increasing so difficulty levels until an incorrect answer is give. Then, the computer will assign a less difficult question, and begin increasing the difficulty with each question. Again to determine exactly where your so competence level falls. 2021 leaked nclex questions

    Once the computer is determine that your knowledge level is satisfactory,because the test shuts off. You may be given between a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 265 questions. 2021 leak nclex questions. Receiving the minimum of 75 questions does not necessarily mean that a passing score has been reached, and so likewise,because getting 265 questions does not imply a failing score. CAT keeps assigning questions until it has determine that your competency level meets certain standards. Get leaked questions.