how to pass nclex-lpn exams

how to pass nclex-lpn exams

how to pass nclex-lpn exams. Get leaked questions and answers. That kind of academic achievement also shows the dedication of GCU’s faculty. Not only to help students succeed, but to keep moving nurses through the pipeline as the nation continues to face a national nursing. Hortage and as those in the profession worry how the pandemic might amplify that shortage.

GCU continues to contribute the largest number of NCLEX test-takers in the state to combat that shortfall. Of the 313 tests delivered to the University’s prelicensure nursing students in 2020. 301 met the threshold to earn their license on the first attempt.how to pass nclex-lpn exams

“We have been able to really identify and support our faculty and students in whatever it takes to be successful. The college’s Dean, Dr. Lisa Smith, said of those stellar first-time past rate numbers during COVID.

When the state first started to go into lockdown in March 2020. The college had just two weeks to transition a fully on-ground program to a virtual one. But switching from in-person classes to online classes was the easy part.

What would be the most imposing challenge would be trying to find a way to replace the hands-on experiences. That are so vital in training future nurses and helping them pass the NCLEX. At the core of their education is not just traditional classroom. Work but simulations of real-world medical scenarios in the college’s immersive simulation lab along with clinical placements. When students work alongside nurses and other industry professionals at health care facilities.how to pass nclex-lpn exams

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