how to pass your nclex-pn exams

how to pass your nclex-pn exams. She has work with students who took their practice exams remotely while their brother was in the next room on Zoom for his classes, their mom was at the dining room table working from home, and there was no way to find a quiet space at a coffee shop to take those exams, since so many businesses were close during the pandemic.

Leach’s job: to breathe with those students, pivot with them and help them succeed in passing the formidable test all nursing graduates must take before they can work in the field.how to pass your nclex-pn exams

“It’s still going on now,” said Leach, the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions’ NCLEX Success Manager, of the stresses surrounding the exam. “I’m finding that students want more. Some of them are meeting with me four, five, six, seven times. … I’m kind of that anchor, I think, to help guide them through that process.”

She is one of many anchors in the college, whose prelicensure nursing students – those seeking to become registered nurses — achieved a 96.17% first-time pass rate on the NCLEX in 2020, finishing the year strong despite the barriers COVID presented.how to pass your nclex-pn exams

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