HOW TO PASS YOUR USMLE EXAMS. GET LEAKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. A 42-year-old woman whom you have been treating for anxiety calls your office demanding to talk to you. The nurse gets you immediately because the woman sounds “out of control.” When you finally get to the phone, she is screaming, “A plumber is working in my house and he hurt his eye.” You ask for details of the injury and she says that all she knows is that he “got some kind of liquid in his eye and he is freaking out.” You instruct her to look at the bottle and read the label to you, but all you can understand from her hysterical speech is “pH of 12.2.” You hear a man in the background screaming in pain.

You try to calmly explain to her that the most appropriate immediate management is to do which of the following?

A. Call an ambulance to bring him to the hospital and place a patch over the affected eye while he is waiting for the ambulance.

B. Call an ophthalmologist and schedule an appointment for the next available time.

C. Flush the eye with an acidic substance she may have in her cupboard.

D. Flush the eye continuously with cold running water before going to the hospital.

E. Apply antihistamine eyedrops to the eye before going to the hospital.

The annual residency report from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reveals characteristics of medical school graduates and residents, including specialty insights, test scores, demographics, and professional activities post-residency. This year’s report shows that almost half (48.7%) of medical students graduating in 2019-2020 said they had a different specialty than planned at the beginning of medical school.HOW TO PASS YOUR USMLE EXAMS

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