How to get your nclex license without taking the exams

How to get your nclex license without taking the exams


How to get your nclex license without taking the exams. I’ll need your DETAILS so one of our well trained students will take the exams for you. And make you pass in high grades . For the fingerprints we will by pass that step through bribe and we’ll need your picture and we’ll take care of the rest

How do you take hands-on patient care, in addition to working with a mannequin, and all of a sudden. Putting it on a computer screen?” Smith asked.

What the nursing faculty did during virtual learning at the end of spring and during the summer is gather recordings the college already has in its library, since students’ immersive simulation lab exercises are always record. Faculty walk students through those recorded scenarios, with students commenting on what is do correctly and what wasn’t.How to get your nclex license without taking the exams

Then there were clinical placements to figure out.


“The hospitals said, ‘No. We can’t take any students because we’re in critical mass,’” Smith said.

So in the spring, the college contracted with a vendor. NurseThink vClinical online clinical simulations were offer for free during COVID to help students finish the last few weeks of the semester. The simulations re-create being in a real emergency room, for example, complete with ER noises and pop-ups that might say, “A patient is complaining of this, what do you do?”

For the summer, the college offered half of the curriculum it normally would virtually, including partnering with ATI for virtual clinicals, and asked students to take the other half of their coursework during the fall. The hope was that hospitals would reopen. By the time fall roll around, some clinical placements were being offer, but many students still has to fulfill their clinical hours virtually.How to get your nclex license without taking the exams

“It has been a very large initiative by Dr. Smith, along with our Assistant Dean, Heather Ziemianski,” to place students at hospitals, said Trina Staton, Associate Dean of the Prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. “We are tracking, I’d say, probably the best in Arizona in regard to the amount of face-to-face clinical time that we are getting for our students.”

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