how to pass my nclex exams


how to pass my nclex exams.Our top-rate book is a favorite not only as an NCLEX review material but as companion throughout nursing school as well.

Now on it’s 8th edition, Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination is know for its extensive content.

The vast information is broke down into categories and the tone use is generally easy to understand. As a result, the book is less intimidating and the concepts are easier to absorb.

It may be more than a thousand pages long but the book’s layout keeps you engaged. The charts and graphs, as well as the colored pictures and descriptions work well in shattering monotony and boredom.

It also offers more than 5,000 practice questions which can be found both in the book and online.

Unlike in previous editions where the practice questions are located at the back of the book, this time they are at the end of each chapter.how to pass my nclex exams

This saves you time and patience – two things that you need to preserve as you brace for the NCLEX.

The sample questions use the same alternate item format that you will find in the NCLEX so you are also exercise in that regard.


However, the practice questions are a bit on the easier side. If you want more challenge, it is best to use this book in combination with another resource that has tougher practice questions.

Saunders made sure to include test-taking strategies and the rationale behind the questions. Both correct and incorrect answers are explain thoroughly so you are less likely to commit the same mistake if you encounter a similar item in the actual exam

Overall, the Saunders book is sufficient to equip you with knowledge and confidence to succeed in the NCLEX.

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most noble professions. Sure, it pays well, but there is no greater reward than the fulfillment of contributing to the healing and recovery of patients.

With the rapidly increasing demand for nurses, now is the best time to establish a nursing career.

After completing your nursing degree or obtaining your practical nursing diploma, the next hurdle that you have to overcome is the NCLEX.

So much has been say about this standardize exam, but one thing is certain – an all-out preparation is need to succeed.

To help you get that license, here are some of the best books that you can use in preparation for the NCLEX.how to pass my nclex exams

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