Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination

Nclex-Rn. Being a nurse requires a great deal of critical thinking. If that is an aspect that you need to work on, this book will serve you well.

It prepares you not only for the NCLEX but for the actual demands of the nursing profession.

As a nurse, every single day presents different challenges. You encounter countless patients and each one requires a unique course of action.

It is easy to memorize concepts and recall them when you are faced with simple Q&A, but application and analysis are a whole new ballgame.

This book appeals to your critical thinking skills. It is entirely dedicate to Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment which constitutes approximately 20% of the NCLEX.Nclex-Rn

After an introduction to the NCLEX, you will find practice questions that test your knowledge of appropriate actions to the given scenarios.

The value of these questions lies not in the quantity but rather in the quality.

The questions are based on realistic case studies, situations that you will most likely encounter in the hospital setting.

They are also arrange in increasing difficulty. You tackle the problems with more common health issues first before moving on to more complex ones.

In addition, the answers are explain thoroughly. This paints an even clearer picture of the scenario and helps you appreciate why a certain action is the best thing to do.

As you sharpen this way of thinking, you eventually get better at making the correct decision.

Although the book’s focus content is important, you have to consider that it is not the sole coverage of the NCLEX. 

You cannot expect to pass using this book alone. Additional review materials are definitely necessary.

Nevertheless, this book on Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment is a handy NCLEX preparation tool.Nclex-Rn

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