Pediatric Nursing Study Book

  • NCLEX QUESTIONS(RN).This Pediatric Nursing book was designed for Nursing students preparing for their NCLEX®-RN and NCLEX®-LPN Exam. It can be used throughout Nursing school. The content focuses on the essential concepts and principles. Safe Nursing practice that you need to know for the Boards.
  • Diagrams, tables,but charts are included for your easy understanding and remembering of key concepts. Focus your study time on the content that matters the most:
    • Pediatric Growth & Development, Pediatric Physical Assessment, Health Maintenance, Immunization. Nutrition, Safety, Administering Medications to children, Special Considerations, Poisoning- Communicable. Diseases, Child Abuse & Neglect,so Concept of Death among different age groups. Pediatric Triage, Care of the Hospitalized Child, and the most frequently asked Pediatric Disorders & Surgical Procedures.NCLEX QUESTIONS(RN)

Psychiatric Nursing Study Book(NCLEX QUESTIONS(RN)

  • This Psychiatric Nursing book is one series of study resources design to help you achieve your goal RN or LPN. It is a comprehensive review of the most commonly ask mental health concepts,. Psychiatric disorders, and psychotropic medications on the NCLEX®. Chapters follow the Nursing process framework,but providing guidelines for comprehensive assessment and Nursing interventions.
  • Focus your study time on the content that matters the most:
    • Therapeutic vs. Non-Therapeutic Communication, Defense Mechanisms, Crisis Intervention, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders. Personality Disorders,because Substance Abuse, Dementia vs Alzheimer’s, Eating Disorders, and Psychotropic Medications.NCLEX QUESTIONS(RN)

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most noble professions. Sure,it pays wellMbut there is no greater reward than the fulfillment of contributing to the healing and recovery of patients.

With the rapidly increasing demand for nurses,so now is the best time to establish a nursing career.

After completing your nursing degree or obtaining your practical nursing diploma. The next hurdle that you have to overcome is the NCLEX.

So much has said about this standardize exam. But one thing is certain – an all-out preparation is need to succeed.

To help you get that license,some of the best books that you can use in preparation for the NCLEX.

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