where to find nclex tips

. Slow and steady wins the NCLEX race.

where to find nclex tips. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all best time to take the NCLEX. Every nurse will have a different NCLEX success story. It’s a matter of finding the time that’s best for you. If your nursing program included a strong NCLEX review course, you might schedule your test just as you graduate. If it didn’t, you might choose to take some extra weeks or months to study and review. Test registration is typically available starting six weeks before your program ends. Once you decide you’re ready to test, sign up and pay your exam and licensure fees — typically around $300.

Considering those costs, you should give yourself plenty of time to study to ensure you’re ready to pass the NCLEX the first time you take it. Rather than cramming all of your studying into an impossible timeframe, take care of your mind and body as you’re preparing. Find a comfortable study space where you actually enjoy learning and take frequent short and long breaks to keep your brain limber and to allow the information to soak in.where to find nclex tips

Challenging exams

Of course, you still have to think like a nurse. You’ll still need to push yourself and tend to all the other spinning plates in your day-to-day life. Your NCLEX study plan shouldn’t be unpleasant or rushed, but everything about it should be challenging, including the timeline. Give yourself the study hours you need, but schedule the exam as soon as possible so you can pass and get to work as a nurse right away.

We highly recommend allocating a specific amount of time each day to itemize the topics you need to cover during each session. Every student studies differently, but many nursing forums contain posts by past exam takers with schedules that worked for them.where to find nclex tips

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