How to get your nclex license without taking the exams


NCLEX AUTHORIZATION TO TEST(ATT). This will give the Board of Nurses (BON) time to approve your application and send you an Authorization to Test (ATT) code. It is also enough time to fix any issues or errors that may come up during the application process.[1]

You may start applying before your graduation date.

Find an application on your state’s BON website. In your search engine type “Texas State Board of Nursing,” for example. Click on your state’s BON website in the results list. On the website, click “Applicants” or “Applications and Forms.” You will be redirected to a page that contains access to the application, and instructions on how to fill out the application.

Fill out an application online if you have a computer.NCLEX AUTHORIZATION TO TEST(ATT)

 Fill out all of the required information, including your personal identification information and information about your education. You will also need to provide your school’s 10-digit code. Before submitting your application, review the information to make sure it is correct. Then pay the $100 licensing fee with a credit card or an electronic check.

Whatever your NCLEX study plan may be, it can be wise to buddy up with a friend from your cohort who’s also preparing to take the exam. Although preparation is hard work, it can be rewarding — and even fun — to study with someone else. Even though you can’t take the test together, you’ll memorize more with two heads instead of one, and your individual strengths can help each other’s weaknesses.

Think of fun ways to study with a friend or group, like taking breaks to grab an ice cream or plan to watch a favorite movie together after your study session. Building these sorts of rewards into your exam planning reinforces positive associations with the test material and keeps stress levels lower — which in turn means that information retention will go up.

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Some graduates might need a little extra oomph when they begin studying apart from their nursing instructors. The structured delivery of an NCLEX prep course can be helpful to those who struggle setting aside time to study between other activities. If you’re someone who learns better in a structured environmen. There are many options for prep courses both online and in classrooms. NCLEX prep courses do cost a significant amount of money, yet for many students. The price is worth it for the assurance that a structured learning environment can bring.

Prep courses also serve as a fantastic option for the students. Tho didn’t take or schedule the test immediately after graduation. If you are newly graduated from your nursing program. Much of the material covered in the NCLEX may still be fresh in your brain. However, a prep course will help you bring the knowledge to the forefront of your mind if it’s been awhile since graduation. With a structured prep course. You can save yourself the time you would have spent sorting out study materials and old notes. Prep courses aren’t for everyone, but they can benefit a lot of nursing students.

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